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2010-10-8: Broadway Buzz: Besides Carrie, Which Nutty Musical Flop Would You Kill to Jump Back in Time to See?

More people like to boast that they saw that crazy flop musical Carrie than is humanly possible, considering that it only ran for 16 preview and five regular performances at the Virginia Theatre. Now that the DOA tuner is gearing up for a Gotham return, we’ve been thinking about all the other fabled crazy musicals that we’d kill to travel back in time to see. And you? Which of these big-time legendary Broadway musical flops would you like to experience for yourself?


2013-4-12: UNDERRATED FRIDAYS: Raggedy Ann: The Musical Adventure

Raggedy Ann: The Musical Adventure, was a musical by William Gibson and Joe Roposo. It's based loosely on the classic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories and it was produced by CBS productions, and the Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts. After the infamous 1977 animated movie "Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure" had flopped, it was surprising that Roposo wanted to take another go on carrot top doll with the candy heart, only this time for the stage.


2013-6-7: Top 10 Odd Musicals to Run on Broadway

From TopTenz.

Since becoming a Disneyfied playground for tourists, Broadway has become a barren land of film and cartoon adaptations; all created with the sole purpose of selling tickets and nothing more. At one point, producers took chances on Broadway shows, no matter how odd or outrageous the subject matter...


2019-12-27: Looking Back on the Raggedy Ann Musical (On Screen and Stage)

From Collin LooksBack in YouTube.
"Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure" (directed by Richard Williams) is one of the strangest, most interesting animated films to come out of the the 1970's, but not many people know of its loose stage adaptation, which was also a memorably weird experience. But weird certainly doesn't mean bad. I'm attempting here to give a comprehensive history on the movie and the musical, including a run-down of the show's poignant (and somewhat Freudian) plot.


2020-10-19: Columnist Takes a Deep Dive into ‘Raggedy Ann,’ the Musical, and the Power of a NY Times Review

From The Current. Written by Drew Eldridge, who would later participate in the search.

I love a musical that is unafraid to take some brash steps. I enjoy nothing more than a new musical shattering the normalcy that surrounds its neighboring theaters. I do love the classics of the musical theatre genre, “Cinderella,” “Carousel,” “The Music Man,” “Oklahoma,” etc. However, I would rather a musical make me uncomfortable than welcome me back into a lull of boredom and tiring expectation.


2021-2-19: Ivy Austin - A Woman of Many Voices and Many Hats

FromBWW Blog. An interview with Ivy which mentions her role in Raggedy Ann.


2021-5-17: talking about the raggedy ann 1986 broadway musical :]

From KindaNotReally on YouTube.

raggedy ann is pretty cool, huh


2021-5-22: 15 Of The Wildest Musicals That I Cannot Believe Actually Made It Onstage

From Buzzfeed.


2021-6-20: Raggedy Ann- “You’re Sick, sick, sick”

From podcast Flop of the Heap! This is a wonderful early coverage of what little was avalibal about the show at the time, and the hosts are very entertaining.

Join us as we explore Raggedy Ann, not the beloved children's' doll, but the brutally panned musical featuring said beloved children's' doll... and lots of death. How did a show written by the man who brought us "C is for Cookie" get so very dark? Let's find out!


2021-10-18: Upsetting Day: Raggedy Ann the Musical

From 1-900 Hot Dog, this is pretty well-researched, though purely for entertainment.

Quick, what’s your favorite children’s musical Broadway show that ends with the main character eating the heart of her best friend? Miss Piggy’s Foot Fetish Funtime Hour? Hmm, I’ve never seen that one. My favorite is Raggedy Ann The Musical. The only Broadway musical for kids with a menacing haunted carnival theme.


2022-4-15 “No thoughts just the Raggedy Ann musical that closed on Broadway after three days”

From The Broadway Beat on Twitter.


2022-5-10: Gingham and Yarn: A Closer look at Ragdolly

From YarnandTheatre on YouTube.

A short look at the trials of the Raggedy Ann Musical


2022-11-23: Alchetron: Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure

Talks about the movie first, and then the musical.


2022-4-22: British Actor reviews "Rag Dolly" the Raggedy Ann Musical

A lovely recent review of the musical which delves into the music and recently found footage.

Before Toy Story, there was Rag Dolly, the Broadway flop with the loyal fanbase. But is it any good?

Show of the Week: Rag Dolly

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This is for links to recent press that specifically focuses on the found media aspect of the musical.


2021-9-6: Update on the Raggedy Ann Musical: FOUND MEDIA!

"A full performance of the long-lost Raggedy Ann musical (AKA Rag Dolly) has finally made its way online! I'm here reporting on my thoughts, along with bits of trivia and notes on how parts of the script changed during the show's development."

An update to Colin LooksBack's video from three years ago, Looking Back on the Raggedy Ann Musical (On Screen and Stage), now that the full show has been found.


2021-12-10: Lost Media Found in 2021 | blameitonjorge

A longer list video, the Raggedy Ann musical is featured at 20:40. The link above is timestamped to the correct section.