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Welcome to the Raggedy Ann Revival Effort homepage!

The Raggedy Ann Revival Effort (or R.A.R.E.) is an online volunteer effort dedicated to preserving, archiving, and eventually reviving the 1986 Broadway musical Raggedy Ann.

Our goal is to restore and revive the show by recovering and cleaning up the script, re-creating missing orchestrations for the music, and recovering any lost content we can find, so that hopefully we may one day put on the Raggedy Ann musical ourselves! We started in Feburary of 2021 and operate mainly on discord, with a central hub of organizers who archive and support the work done by the larger community.

Come explore our archives, learn a little about the show, and join us if you like! You can follow us on the social media listed to the right, or send us an email at theraggedyannrevivaleffort@gmail.com

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Thank you everyone for another wonderful Raggedy Ann Rally!

This year was bigger and better than ever! We had about 20 RARE-associated friends show up to the various events, and it was lovely to see us new kids being taken in so warmly by the long-time rallygoers. We performed two concerts, talked about the show from our market booth, arranged two meetups, and went home will full suitcases of Raggedy merch!

We had 60 people attend the concert on Friday.

We got over 20 new sign-ups for our email newsletter.

We made $500 before the event to cover the ventue and accompanist fees, and another $400 during the rally for our future projects. All from donations! Thank you!

A red candy heart with the words 'The Rag Dolly Revue'

The Rag Dolly Revue

Live for the first time since 1986, come experience a selection of songs from the previously lost musical!

Music and lyrics by Joe Raposo, Additional music and lyrics by Hazel Hawlik & Silas Green

We're in the paper!

Raggedy Ann Rally experiences a renaissance among young adults

"Organizers of the Raggedy Ann Rally were surprised over the weekend by something unexpected: the turnout of youth."

Read Ben Crane's article for The County Chronicle about our appearance at the Raggedy Ann Rally in Arcola IL.

What's next?

First of all, getting the rest of our footage from the Rag Dolly banquet performance up to our YouTube channel. Secondly, we have moved the 2024 schedule information off of the rally page and over to an archive page. This new page will be published here as soon as we have filled out the gallery with all our photos from the trip.

We've also begun thinking about what the rally will look like next year. Will we do another concert like this? Possibly! Will we be doing our meetups and getting people involved? Definitely. Who knows... we may be very busy next spring. If you'd like to start making your plans for the Raggedy Ann Rally 2025, all our information is still up at the link below.

We hope that in the future, our presence will expand the Raggedy Ann Rally and we can continue adding events through your support. For musical, book, and movie fans alike.

We got a shoutout on Flop of the Heap!

Hello John and Marla and thank you so much!